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Dissertation Committee Invitation Letter

There are many rules to follow when writing a formal letter like a Formal Committee Invitation Letter, and these are the essential rules to follow: Step 1: Type your address. Type your address and telephone number, flush left on the.

  • Dear {recipient name}, We are pleased to invite you to attend {researcher’s name} PhD defense on {date}. The defense will start at 8:00 AM and it will be held at the University of {university name}. There will be a reception for the speaker and audience following the event. Sincerely, {event organizer} — Email Template 2 (Pre-Written Email text)

  • After the Department Chair approval, a formal invitation will be sent to the proposed members of your Dissertation Committee by your Department Office. Upon their acceptance of the invitation to serve on your committee they will be formally appointed and you can proceed to the next stage of the dissertation process. Pre-proposal

  • If you haven’t explained the purpose of the meeting by email then when you enter, sit and explain that the reason you’re asked to meet is to ask the professor to serve on your dissertation committee. Be Ready No professor will agree to participate in a project without knowing something about it. Be prepared to explain your project.

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