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About Us


Our Story

The humble beginning of growing up in Africa where Chin Chin is a popular snack at celebration time and children are called upon to help their mothers and aunties to roll out and cut Chin Chin pastry at Christmas times, a very messy job with flour all over their faces whilst they beam with joy in anticipation of the rewarding crunch of the Chin Chin in their mouth once ready, has inspired Tabitha foods to produce this sweet and crunchy snack known to always produce a delightful and joyful feeling to the soul.

The factory began in March 2002 at Unit 10c Lewisham Business center Juno Way, London, and has now moved to a larger factory based in Croydon, Surrey.


Tabitha's Brand

Tabitha's Chin Chin is manufactured and distributed by Beautiful Foods Ltd is based in Croydon, United Kingdom. There are a number of snacks produced of which Chin Chin is the most popular


Our Product

Tabitha’s Chin Chin is a sweet & crunchy snack made of three key ingredients wheat flour, sugar, and margarine. It is most popular at African weddings, parties, and snacks. It is produced by Tabitha Foods Ltd based in the United Kingdom. The snack is now widely distributed in the UK, Ireland, and Europe and soon will be coming to the US market. It stocked by wholesalers, multiple supermarkets, independent convenience stores, Afro Caribbean shops, market stores, restaurants, and online shops.

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